Matt Keats

As a professional in a similar industry, I can really appreciate the service provided by Dr. Miller and his staff. The reception staff is wonderful about getting me in when needed. The office is clean. The care and attention to my needs provided by Dr. Miller has been amazing. I had a very large filling (about 60% of the tooth was filling) that had been in my mouth at least 30 years and needed to be removed and replaced. The reasons for this were very well explained to me as was the process and the associated risks. When it was time for the procedure, everything was handled great. Dr. Miller assured that my local was working well before getting started and then, before I knew it, the work was completed. Afterwards, he showed my in great detail with pictures how the procedure went. The outcome was amazing. Dr. Miller personally called me a few hours later to make sure everything was satisfactory and that I was still comfortable even after the local wore off. The temporary crown that I wore for 2 weeks was a great fit and the permanent crown that I have now is amazing. I will be a patient here for a long time. My wife has had similar amazing experience here and we are both recommending Burtonsville Dental Suite to everyone we know.