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If you are missing teeth, partial dentures could be a good way to restore function, form, and looks. Qualified dentists can assess your needs and fit you with the right dentures. You do not have to live with the embarrassment of severe dental issues any longer. Dentures have helped many patients before you. If you make this choice and take good care of partial dentures, you can experience the oral health and look you want.

Who needs partial dentures?

Dental problems such as missing teeth, chipped teeth, or gaps are hardly uncommon. People of all ages can suffer from the embarrassment of these unsightly issues. Fortunately, skilled dentists have ways of improving these conditions. People who seek dentures have missing teeth — all teeth in some cases. If the dentist treats a patient who has only one or two teeth on the upper and lower jaw, a partial option of dentures could be the right choice. This is also a less expensive option than other possibilities for patients who are on a tight budget.

What are partial dentures?

Partial dentures differ from full dentures because they are used for patients who have not lost all of their teeth. In fact, this apparatus will use the existing teeth by attaching the replacements with a bridge. A nice feature of these dentures is that the apparatus looks similar to natural teeth, so patients should not have to worry about standing out. The device is durable, as it is made from acrylic and metal.

The options

Patients can choose from several partial denture options. Discussing them with the dentist can help determine which will be most suitable for the patient. Knowing these options can help the patient prepare for the next appointment. Here are some available options for partial dentures:

  • Acrylic partial dentures are temporary dental replacements. These dentures are suitable to have while waiting for a more permanent type of dental replacement. There is a pink acrylic resin base that clings to the natural abutment teeth through metal clasps. The artificial teeth replace the missing teeth.
  • Flexible partial dentures are nylon-based resin dentures. The material functions as the structural support and denture base. It is light and thin, as well as flexible. Many patients prefer it because it is a comfortable form of dental restoration. These partial dentures can last for up to five years without any problems.
  • Flipper partial dentures are economical and quick options for replacing one or two teeth. Dentists use them for front teeth. These dentures are made of acrylic resin. The patient may need denture adhesives to keep them in place.
  • Cast metal partial dentures are comfortable to wear as well. These restorations have high-quality resin teeth that attach to the cast metal framework. The metal part attaches to the natural teeth using metal clasps. These dentures can last for seven to 10 years with proper care and maintenance.

The benefits

There are many reasons why patients should consider wearing dentures. Not only will they replace missing teeth and help people regain a nice smile, but wearers can chew normally without worrying about damage or breaking. With dentures, the patient retains mouth structure, including gums, facial muscles, and the jawbone. Also, this option will help prevent existing teeth from moving.


Dentures are removable, which should make cleaning easier. Patients will remove the dentures at night and keep them in water. It is essential to clean replacement teeth regularly, but never use toothpaste, as this product is too abrasive. Instead, the dentist will recommend an appropriate cleaner. Rinsing the dentures after meals will also keep them sanitary and looking nice.

Partial dentures compared to other options

Dentists might recommend other courses of action to correct missing or broken teeth. Crowns and implants are also popular selections. Caps are a smart way to go if the patient only has issues with a few teeth but not for several missing teeth. Implants are a viable option when the person needs to replace most or all teeth. However, implants cost more than dentures and are not removable. A reputable dentist will present the pros and cons of all the possibilities.

Make the choice

Your dentist and their staff are ready to replace or repair your teeth and help you feel better about your smile. The dentist will have a conversation with you, and the two of you will work to make the right choice. If you decide partial dentures will correct your issues and improve your oral health, make an appointment today. Do not wait another day to say goodbye to missing teeth.

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